Monday, January 31, 2011

UN-Scientific Poll: Choose a Logo

I'm fairly resourceful and, as a new business owner, fairly broke, so as I came to the realization that I needed a new (as in the first) official logo for PetalPetal designs, I decided I would work up some ideas myself and see what I could come up with using my trusty old Word for Mac software. If you are unfamiliar with PetalPetal, click here to view our 2011 collection of modern handmade children's couture. Vote below in comments for your favorite or favorites...

 Option A
 Option B
 Option C
 Option D
Option E
OPTION G: For Gee, please just hire a designer to make you a logo already!!!

Any and All Comments Welcome!

Much (Petal) Love,

PetalPetal designs


Linda said...

Hi there, since you are asking... A - E are nice but you might want to think about more contrast - white letters on a very bright gray background don't stand out enough. E is my least favorite (too boring).A reason why "Option 2" is quite good actually are the black letters. Oh, and the new ones are a lot better than the old ones.

(And something to think about and I learned the hard way after designing the PaperPhine logo etc.: is it possible the print your logo/banner in black and white and it still looks good?).

Good luck

Rick Wolff said...

You've got two elements: the circles, and the letters. I'd keep the letters opaque white and in the foreground always, since your color palette is dark enough. Make the fact that the circles are never in the same place twice part of your identity. Use the technology to randomize the size and location of the circles, so you never see the same image twice. Surely there's a Blogger plug-in that can do this. I know there is in WordPress.

PetalPetal said...

Thanks so much for the comments! Such a good point about what the graphics will look like printed in B&W (something I thought about going in, and then swiftly forgot).

I also thought about the fact that I could use a large variety of logo keeping with the same theme. Maybe I don't have to choose....

Any other thoughts?

Linda said...

... I think using a variety of logos that all use the same elements (the circles, color palette and also same "PetalPetalDesign"-letters and type sounds like a nice idea. It's just important that people will immediately know it's you! And don't get lost in designing different logos either (... there is a lot of time that can be spent with Photoshop - and it's time that can better be used for other business-related stuff!).
Actually I think you're already doing a good job - your blog-header, buttons etc. all reflect your style and are easily recognizable as part of PetalPetal.

And the last questions I'm thinking of is what you consider to be a "logo" - or what you intend to use it for? This is also important to know when you think about the size and format of your "logo" - e.g. square is nice if you want to make a printed tag for your products, but not so nice if you need a new header for your blog...

PetalPetal said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the follow-up! I think I have 4-5 designs I am using, but as you said, I don't want to get overwhelmed with too many differences. I choose Option B as the main design I will run with, but you can see here on the blog how I incorporated others. Also, I just published my updated website yesterday with the new logo(s) and new pictures, so you can see how I created a banner. I like that it gives me flexibility to have the blog slightly different than the website and brand of PetalPetal, but still clearly associated. I'm also playing with overlaying the balloons on some pictures for ads. Luckily I have a fantastic friend who happens to be a graphic designer and picked this up and offered to create the logos in the "correct" software. If I have to hear "I can't believe you created your logos in WORD!" one more time... :)


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