Monday, September 12, 2011


While my own closet is now being rearranged to make my wooly sweaters and cozy layers more accessible after a brief, but lovely, summer, the studio is turning to thoughts of spring. I'm using the last few days of warmth to pull together inspiration for VintageChild:Modern's Spring Collection 2012 to keep me motivated through the cool, rainy months ahead, although it is never hard to dream of bright and dewey spring days and hot and sunny summer afternoons when sitting window-side with a latte in hand on a rainy morning. Visions of sunsuits and sleeveless blouses are already floating through my head. And my vision for spring is clear....
- Bright and Airy -
- Textured and Fresh -

- Natural and Structured - 
- Simple and Sweet - 

- Fun and Unexpected -
- Color-Full and Joy-Full -

You can continue to follow along with us as inspiration strikes on our pinterest boards! 

Much (Petal) Love,

PetalPetal and VintageChild:Modern


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