Monday, November 21, 2011

Kickstart us! Announcing the VintageChild:Modern Kickstarter Project!

I've been trying to decide how to make this announcement. This is a big stinkin' deal for VintageChild:Modern! We were accepted for a Kickstarter project and, after agonizing over filling in all the  little details for the project, it has just launched this morning! I'm excited. I'm nervous. It's like putting my baby out there on the playground for the first time and hoping she can hold her own. You can view the project in all it's detailed glory here, including a sweet little preview video of our Spring/Summer12 Collection, but I wanted to share a few more details for my friends, family and supporters who read my blog.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a platform for creative businesses and projects to receive support and funding. It can be incredibly exciting to get behind artists and designers who have an incredible idea or a gift they are trying to share, but don't have the finances in place to get the "kickstart" they need! Plus, you can receive some very sweet "rewards" directly from the artists and designers you support based on how much you contribute to their project. Many projects allow you to contribute as little as $1! I've recently begun to support other designers through Kickstarter and it has been a joy. You can find out more about Kickstarter on their website here. They say it better than I can.

Why I launched a Kickstarter Project.

You may or may not know that I launched my first line of handmade children's apparel, PetalPetal, in September 2010 after an unexpected layoff. VintageChild:Modern followed in March 2011 and its growth has begun to snowball! The VintageChild:Modern Spring/Summer12 Collection will be available for pre-order in January 2012 and it is my goal to expand our stockist list from 4 to 20 boutiques carrying VintageChild:Modern!

PetalPetal and VintageChild:Modern were both started on a truly shoestring budget.  Nearly every penny earned has been poured back into the business in order to help it grow. This model is no longer working. In order to truly expand into a national and international market, we need to invest in a large quantity of fabrics and notions so that we are prepared to fulfill the anticipated demand for our Spring/Summer12 Collection in a timely manner. We've considered a small business loan, but it's a catch-22. If you own a small business yourself, you may know that in order to be accepted for a loan your company has to be turning a pretty decent profit. In our case, without up front funding we can't pursue the kinds of opportunities that will get us to that next level. So, we've turned to the Kickstarter community in the hopes that VintageChild:Modern will be a project they want to get behind. Our goal is $5500 by December 20th. If we don't reach the full goal, our project will not be funded. But we're stepping out in faith that it is time to offer our little line up to a larger community of designers and artists in hopes that others see the love that goes into our little line! I also personally had to face the fact that I hate asking for help, but, for the future of VintageChild:Modern, I need some help!

Ways you can support the VintageChild:Modern project.

Number Uno: Share, share, share! Post a link to our project on your facebook page or blog. Tweet a link! Let friends who may have interest in supporting a Kickstarter project know that there is a little line of handmade children's apparel that needs their help.

Second: If you have worked with us (photographers!), have purchased a VintageChild:Modern outfit for your wee one, or just love us and want us to be around for your future children and grandchildren, comment on our project! Let people who come across our project know that we are loved and worth investing in!

Finally: If you are able and willing, you can support us financially. You can contribute as little as $1. We've also picked out some sweet rewards for our project as a thank you to our contributors, including little suspenders, floral bunny hats, bowties in hand picked fabrics and a "Skirt of the Month" club, to name a few.

Any way you can support our project is so appreciated! If you have any question, about Kickstarter or our project in particular, you can get in touch with Brianne at

Thank you, thank you again in advance for any support you can provide!
Click to discover our Kickstarter project!

Much (Petal) Love,

PetalPetal and VintageChild:Modern


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