Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bitty Blurb on Be One of a Kind...

Our sponsor spotlight is up here on the Be One of a Kind blog. Pop over and give it a read!

Much (Petal) Love,

PetalPetal designs and VintageChild:Modern


Brianne said...

Hi Lady! I found you via Victoria's blog and couldn't resist checking you out for a handful of reasons- one big reason being the fact that our names match. :) Yay for another Brianne! Following your one-of-a-kind blog now. <3

-Bri Danae

PetalPetal said...

So glad you stopped by! I have to tell you I was so confused when I got a message on my blackberry telling me Brianne just left a comment! Briannes are rare, especially spelled with an "i"! Nice to meet. I hope you enjoy browsing Petal+Handmade=Love!


Brianne said...

:D haha! That would be a trippy notification! I've never even met another "Brianne" spelt specifically this way.

cheers. :)

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