Monday, April 18, 2011

Vintage Roses in Blue and PInk

This fabric literally told me, "Make me into bloomers with a sweet bow on the bum!" I had a bit left over that became this sweet infinity scarf. There is only ONE scarf and only TWO pairs of bloomers with bows available. 

They were meant to go in the closet for Crafty Wonderland next month, but they were too adorable not to share!

If interested, pop over to VintageChild:Modern and snatch them up for Easter! 
Ready to ship!

Much (Petal) Love,

PetalPetal designs and VintageChild:Modern


Marisa Hopkins said...

Oh, those are absolutely ridiculously ADORABLE!!!

Sarah Elaine said...

Oh my goodness, those are SO CUTE!!! And I love the fabric, so dainty.

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