Monday, April 4, 2011

In a Grandmother's Attic

When I was very young, my grandmother had an attic full of pieces of family history. I would hop from ceiling beam to ceiling beam to avoid falling through the insulation, and if this sounds dangerous, I'm sure it was. But hey, in the 80's we all lived on the wild side.

I wish I could remember more specifically some of the finds I uncovered while in that attic. I do remember finding costume jewelry and clothing from when my mother, aunt and uncles were children. And toys that I would drag back down the ladder with me. 

I have always loved unearthing the history of items, whether vintage clothing that has already been loved and worn by someone else in another time or art that may be newly created, but still seems to have a story to tell.  

I don't know that my grandmother's attic had anything as lovely as these finds, but they all certainly seem to have a history waiting to be shared. 

Much (Petal) Love,

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Isaac & Andi said...

i have the fondest memories of playing in my grandmother's attic too! oh the trunks of 30s and 40s clothes that i'd play dress-up in! what i wouldn't give to have ALL of those now. great post!

raleigh vintage

PetalPetal said...

View the full treasury on Etsy here:


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