Monday, May 2, 2011

Chick Chick Hooray: What the Peep!

While I am totally aware of the fact that most of my readers probaby don't give a peep about my new life as an urban chicken mama, we got some new lovies this weekend and they are so flippin' cute I could squeeze their faces off. Instead, I am going to blog about them...

Meet Zsa Zsa, our little white silkie pullet (above) and Lucille, or Lulu, our bantam (mini) red frizzle (below). Anyone want to guess who we named her after?

Lulu also looks a bit like a character in the book The Dark Crystal (which I swear Auntie Elizabeth didn't let me read as a child, mom, as I know it was banned. I didn't watch the movie either...). I had nightmares about that creature as a child (again, from hearsay, not actual experience with the book or movie), but now I am totally in love with this little mini ball of backward feathers!

We ordered these gorgeous girls a month ago and have waited to put our other chicks out in their new coop and run until they arrived. Six chicks and we thought our flock was completed... until we went to the nursery to pick up Zsa Zsa and Lucille and fell in love with....

...Henrietta, our barred rock. She's a bit camera shy, but such a love! 

Our originals have grown in little beauties as well. Check out their indie band album cover pic....

And their "We're the cast of a 70's cop show" pic...

And our happy family picture. They originally united in their desire to break out of their new run into the  wide world, as seen below, but are now hanging in their separate flocks until bedtime, when they all snuggle up into a great ball of feathers and beaks and happily chirp themselves to sleep in their coop.

Lucille (Lulu), Zsa Zsa, Henrietta (Etta), Co Co (Not Chanel), Daphne, Petal and Georgie (aka Georgie Pants or Georgie Pordgie, Puddin' and Pie)

For more on the chicks and their crazy antics (and baby pics... awww), read the Chick Chick Hooray series.

Much (Petal) Love,

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