Friday, May 20, 2011

Who Is Art: Extase

There are certain shops that have the ability to draw in my attention again and again, that always feel fresh and interesting. Extase is one of those shops…

Goliath Beetle Hand Carved Stamp

…and not just because I have a strange fascination with their avatar. 

Steph has put together a collection of items from handspun and hand dyed yarn to original drawings and hand cut stamps.  She also turns her yarn into gorgeous pairs of leg and wrist warmers and sells some amazing art sticker sets.

Read on about Steph and Extase below…

Lavender Bluebell Handspun and Hand-Dyed Yarn

Bright Tomato Striped Wrist Warmers

First of all, I love your avatar. I don’t know why exactly, but I do. Is there a story behind it or is it just a random photo?

It's a random photo. I found it while google-searching vintage puppet images. And I just realized that my previous avatar was from the same search - an old owl marionette.
I'm also really fascinated by kids' play and imagination.

Pheasant Original Print

When you first opened your shop, did you envision having such a varied collection of handmade items or did it evolve out a single focus? What was the first item you listed?

I openned the shop initially to sell my prints and original art. I wasn't having the best luck with just selling art so I decided to throw some items in that I had made earlier without the intenion of selling them on Etsy (like knit goods), I eventually made more sales and began thinking in terms of developing the items into 'products'. I think my shop has evolved to show how diverse my interests are. 

 Paper Cloud Bike Miniature Sculpture

Heads Art Sticker Set

What is the first big project you remember making with your hands?

A papier mache pig I made when I was quite young. I still have it! I've been a paperphile for a long time...

Red Bat Limited Edition Original Print

I love that your shop seems to have so many different styles it in, from the very natural, like your Pheasant and Flower Print, to the more abstract, like your Crystal Configuration Stamps. Where does your inspiration for your different styles come from?

I find it really unnatural to stick to one medium for a long time. Once I'm finished with say, a painting, I need a bit of a palate cleanse, so I might move on to carving stamps or knitting. It keeps me interested. I'm always interested in patterns so that can translate to a somewhat realistic rendering of the feathers of a linocut bird or a much more simplified focus on triangles in my crystal stamps. 

Exotic Feather Hand Carved Stamp

Crystal Configuration 11 Hand Carved Stamp

How do you keep what you are doing fresh, for yourself as a designer and artists and for your customer base?

Like I said, diversity is key. I love learning new techniques and challenging myself to learn some new craft or other. Most recently it's been yarn spinning, which I have quickly become addicted to! I have a lot to learn and have no problem keeping an open mind, eye and ear.

Tropical Fish Wrist Warmers

What have you been doing the longest: knitting, carving or drawing?

I guess drawing. I went to art school for drawing and painting. I discovered printmaking there which quicky became a focus for me. I've been knitting on and off since I was a kid but I've only begun to think of it as an art in the past few years as I've become more exposed to the medium's possibilities.

Antelope Rays Original Print

Any other information you would like to share about your work, life or yourself?

I'm a pretty shy and reserved person, so no! I simply get a lot of happiness out of making things and honing my craft.
I do have a somewhat old-ish Deviantart account where you can check out more of my

For the complete Who Is Art series, click here or let us know if your work has a story to tell!

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