Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer Travel

TheOakLeaves http://etsy.me/kL0c6h

GetReadySetGo http://etsy.me/kYjdFT

 luckylittledot http://etsy.me/lcjMdJ

MichelleSmith http://etsy.me/mgnaOk

Much (Petal) Love,

PetalPetal designs and VintageChild:Modern


Dora said...

I really love the red fire place ( I think that's what it is :P ).It has such a creative design :)

PetalPetal said...

Isn't amazing! My dream is to have a large red stove in my home one day, but I would definitely "settle" for that outdoor fireplace! I love it!


luckylittledot said...

We have to agree. That fireplace is amazing! Thank you for including us on this lovely blog!

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