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Who Is Art: Revisions

Many artists seem to thrive on self-imposed solitude, but Michele Dugree instead formed a team of artists and designers in Marquette, Michigan, known as Revisions Design Studio

Michele, Janna Fox and Torrey Dupras each bring unique gifts to the table and have created a varied collection of jewelry, ceramics and domestic d├ęcor. Read on below...

Anna Marie Chandelier

What motivated you to gang up on the design world as a team, instead of trying to tackle it on your own?

There are many great advantages to being part of a dynamic team versus an individual designer.  As a team at Revisions we are able to generate diverse ideas and use each other for critiques and creative problem solving.  It was with this team dynamic idea that Michele founded Revisions and what keeps it fresh and interesting to this day.

Porcelain Egg Shells and Wheat Grass Seeds

Translucent Porcelain Egg Candles

Do your individual tastes vary and how? How do you work your differences to your advantage?

Every designer is going to have his or her own unique style.  Although we both draw inspiration from many of the same sources, our approaches to design differ.  Michele’s designs are vintage and nature inspired, with a definite sense of timeless elegance.  Janna’s designs gravitate towards geometric patterns and bold, retro colors.  During the initial design stage of any product we both contribute something of our own style to the product and this gives Revisions products a well-balanced blend of both its designers styles.

Rococo Inspired Tabletop Mirror

I’m sure there must be times when individuals perhaps feel pulled in new directions. How do you allow creative space and room to explore new ideas while keeping the team on track toward a bigger goal?

It is always a balancing act to be able keep up with all the necessary business related tasks and still make time for design and creative time.  The best approach we have found is to stay organized and prioritize tasks.  Once we established protocols on everything from customer service to menial cleaning chores the business end of the studio ran smoothly, freeing up a lot of time for creativity.

Repurposed Silverware Napkin Rings

Silver Spoon Rings

Your design studio works with materials from ceramics to acrylic and even wood veneer. What is the unifying factor in your line of products?

While we do enjoy using a variety of materials, all of our products form a cohesive collection because they are all handmade by us in our studio.  We use our inspirations from vintage/retro and nature to keep a consistent look to our products.  It is also important to maintain this consistency through our photographs and presentation of our products.

Phantom Candelabra

Art Deco Hand Mirror

You just launched a new product that I LOVE! Would you like to introduce it and share your inspiration?

We are also excited about our new product we are launching called the Polyhedron candlesticks.  Sold as a set of 2, these candlesticks are available in Mother of Pearl finish or a wood veneer. The geometric pattern is precision cut, scored and then folded to assemble around a solid interior structure.  The inspiration for this product came about when Torrey was studying tessellations in his college math class and it sparked a geometric frenzy in Michele, resulting in the stunning candlesticks we debuted last week.

Polyhedron Candlesticks in Mother of Pearl

Polyhedron Candlesticks in Maple Wood Veneer

Anything else you would like to share about your team, work or lives as handmade artists?

We definitely strive to be well rounded, balanced individuals and play just as hard as we work.  All three of us enjoy biking, playing with our dogs and staying active outside.  You can keep up with all of the Revisions team at our Facebook page as we blog about our work and everyday lives.

Porcelain Dove Bobbypin

Any additional links you would like to share?

We would love to offer your readers a 10% off discount for any product in our Etsy shop.  The coupon code is BLOGREADER10 and the offer expires June 30, 2011.

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