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Who Is Art: Branchbound

There is something so decidedly charming about vintage lace. It's so easy to imagine the life it may have lived and how many hands it may have passed through. Sarah Louise of branchbound must agree as she has created a line of exquisite lace jewelry and accessories. Check out my inspiring interview with Sarah Louise below...

I believe that everyone is artistic in his or her own right, but as we grow up many people lose their drive to create. As an artistic adult, what keeps your creativity fresh?

I work by day as a framer, so I get a lot of art and personal mementos passed my way. I also shop a lot, read a lot of various blogs, so I am surrounded by new and interesting images constantly, and I keep track of which ones stick with me and why. I'm often drawn to color; color will make me change my wardrobe or hair or decor. My favorite colors are ever-shifting.

What do you remember as one of your first big creative projects as a child?

When I was 6 I taped my drawings all over the house and when my mom's friends came over I told them it was my gallery. I remember even charging a dime for admission, ha!

When working with a piece of vintage lace, are you trying to maintain its original integrity or are you trying to transform it into something completely new and unrecognizable? Do you imagine the life it may have lived before it fell into your hands?

I really don't like to take things apart unless they are damaged; I was the same way when I used to collage with pieces from vintage books. Elda, for example. I left as it is but made it easier to transition into a wardrobe as a necklace instead of sewing it onto a dress, for example. Some of the pieces of lace I have found in antique malls, and it's a single piece, I hesitate to work little piece has so many possibilities and I want to do it justice!

What drew you to lace as the foundation for your line of jewelry? Do you see yourself ever expanding into other materials?

What started me was vintage collars. I loved them and wanted to wear them, but I liked the detachment I could get with it being a necklace. I also love big earrings, and lace is perfect for that since they are big but still light.

I actually have been using fewer materials- when I started out I was combining the lace with brass stampings in nearly every piece. Now I like the lace to speak for itself, though I do like the stampings from time to time. The only newer material are the sequined applique headbands in my shop.

How do you see your business growing over the next five years? Do you have a picture in your mind of what you would love your company or line to look like in the future?

I would love to do this full time, especially since my plan is to expand the brand into more of a wedding line. Because of my ability to make custom-dyed pieces I've already gotten a few bridal and bridesmaid orders, which makes me so happy! I love knowing my work will be a part of someone's special day. I'm beginning to make more accessories, that could be perfect for bridal parties as well as any woman who likes adding some flair to their wardrobe, which should be in the store in a few weeks. I would also like to have my pieces more accessible, sold in a few boutiques across the world. A lot of my work needs to be seen in person and tried on- part of the whimsy of making things with lace I suppose.

Anything else you would like to share about yourself, your line or your life?

Jewelry has always been a passion for me, and I'm thrilled that I took the leap to make an unconventional and totally wearable line of jewelry and accessories. It's so much fun for me, and the support I've received has made me feel so fantastic.

Any links to a blog, twitter, facebook, etc, you would like to share?

My blog: /
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