Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Bit of Tuesday Inspiration From Me to You...

There are many things I should be doing right now. Blogging is not one of them. This week was meant to be dedicated to researching and creating a new marketing plan for PetalPetal, as it feels like time for a bit of a push forward, but I woke up exhausted this morning after spending Monday compiling lists of boutiques and methods of approach.

Many times in life, things are not as simple as we would hope. So I spent the morning refreshing my little head by reading over some of my favorite blogs. Some have a steady following, some are younger. Most are fairly new to me. One I discovered this morning. While they are all written by people with different perspectives and from different backgrounds, they seem to have a common thread... JOY.

If you are in need of a bit of refreshing today, take a moment to browse any of the blogs below...

This blog I just discovered this morning, so first impression is still fresh in mind. This lovely mom-to-be seems to be one of those rare people who CHOOSES joy over fear. I recommend this post or this post, as a start!

As described by Ashley, blog creator, Indie Pretty Projects is about "falling in love with handmade." DONE! Especially after browsing her beautifully curated blog. She also shares sweet little DIY projects like this one and this one.

Brideblu is a lovingly crafted mixed bag of project inspirations, wedding photoshoots and sweet daily musings. I can also tell she throws a mean par-tay!

If there is one thing we all need from time to time, it is a greater focus on the little beauties in life. Tea & chickadees, aka Caren, is happy to oblige. I love that this was the first blog post I read this morning and that she introduced me to Pietari Posti. Many thanks for that!

Much (Petal) Love,

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tea and chickadees said...

hello Brianne! This is such a sweet treat to see you mention Tea & Chickadees amongst all these other Joy-filled blogs. You made me smile :)
I'm finding new-to-me blogs to love, too, thanks to you & this post!
And it's true, my blog's sole purpose is to share & revel in the little joys.
thank you! xox

PetalPetal said...

So very, very welcome Caren! Just felt I had to share your blog today. It's a delight!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love, love!

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