Monday, March 28, 2011

May We Sleep Here Tonight?

One of my favorite stories when I was a child was "May We Sleep Here Tonight" by Tan Koide. 

When I saw this print by hisss, it immediately reminded me of Koide's work and the beautiful illustrations by her husband, Yasuko Koide...
The premise of this sweet story is three little gophers who lose their way during a stormy night in the woods and take refuge in a little cozy home. 
They are soon joined by other refugees, rabbits and raccoons, looking for shelter, whom they eagerly admit into the stranger's home. What they don't expect is the owner of the house to catch them mid-sleep in his bed. 

His response of compassion and love is truly moving and especially relevant to the children of today who will need to grow up with an unprecedented ability for love without prejudice and mercy, hope and compassion in the midst of chaos.
These endearing little creatures and their sweet story of building community in the face of crisis would be a great jumping off point for any parent looking to discuss with their little ones what it looks like to love your neighbor, regardless of any real or perceived differences.
But perhaps my favorite part of the story is the fact that the owner of the house left his cozy home in the middle of a storm to seek out those who were lost and would need shelter. His proactive desire to offer help and hope to those in need is perhaps the greatest lesson in this classic story. 
At one time this book was out of print, but it is now available on Amazon and, I am sure, many other places around the web. I would encourage you to pick up a copy, little ones or no.

Much (Petal) Love,

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( everyeskimo ) said...

what a sweet way to tell this story.

PetalPetal said...

Thanks so much. I had such a hard time picking one of your sweet critters to share! They are all such a delight!


Deaddoll00 said...

This was just too insanely adorable :D And those little critters are just fantastic!


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