Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Set the Stage: Easter Bounty

Forget the pastel bunnies and brightly colored eggs. This year, set the stage for your Easter meal with rustic browns and creamy neutrals. Texture is what brings these natural finds to life! Add some bunches and bouquets of daffodils for color and you have the perfect non-traditional setting for your Easter celebration!

Much (Petal) Love,

PetalPetal designs and VintageChild:Modern


Anonymous said...

Well THANK YOU for including my Vintage Lace Doily Oval hoop in your post today! Love the creams and neutrals! So pretty!

PetalPetal said...

So welcome Mary! I love your creative way of displaying vintage lace!


Deaddoll00 said...

OMG! Those egg-candles are so awesome =D And the little bunny pillows <3 So cute!


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