Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chick, Chick, Hooray: Meet the Peeps

Squee! We're Urban Chicken Farmers! We brought our four wee ones home this morning from the Urban Farm Store in SE Portland. Want to meet the peeps?

Here is where I start sounding crazy, but I swear each chick already has her own little personality! I wanted to name each chick a long and absurd name (after famous racehorses), but was overruled. I slipped one through, though...

Co Co (not Chanel)
 Co Co (not Chanel) is a Mottled Houdan, so her crazy pouf mohawk is only going to get crazier as she gets older... kind of like an aging punk rocker. Yay! She's a bit shy, but so so sweet! (Unlike an aging punk rocker...)

 Petal looks more like a baby squirrel than a baby chick at this point. She's an Ameraucana and is also known as the Easter Egg chicken because she'll lay blue or green eggs as an adult. Right now, she just wants to snuggle!

 Georgie is a Black Cochin. You can see that her feet are already covered in feather fuzz. In a few months, she'll be a giant ball of feathers! She is so curious and keeps staring down the camera (and the dogs).

 And then there's Daphne. She's a gorgeous Gold-Laced Wyandotte and slightly older than our other chicks at 3 weeks old, not 2. She's feisty and seems slightly off kilter (if you can tell from the photos), but did cuddle up for a couple minutes before attempting to claw and crawl her way down my back.

We also have a herd of dogs that will have to adjust to the new arrivals as they will be indoors with us for about 6-8 weeks. Bella was certainly the most well-behaved (I had to use two hands with the others, so not photos!) I have a feeling she'll be rather protective once she gets over the novelty.
 Here you can see Daphne and Bella making eye contact for the first time. She really wants in the box (to help keep them warm, I'm sure!)

As a disclaimer, these chicks are super sweet and cuddly at the moment, but grow fast! We've prepped the backyard to keep them safe and warm once they grow up. You may not want to try this at home! But we'll keep you posted on how it goes with our new little brood! If you're curious about Urban Chicken Farming, you can check out Backyard Chickens or visit the Urban Farm Store if you're in the Portland area!

Much (Petal) Love,

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Mary said...

Your chicks are darling! Long ago and far away, I kept Barred Rocks in my backyard and their chicks were adorable too. Thanks for bringing back fond memories! -- Mary at citygirlhardware

PetalPetal said...

Glad you enjoyed our pics Mary! I have always been an urbanite, but I love farms. So excited for our new urban backyard farm!

PetalPetal said...

UPDATE: Petal no longer wants to snuggle. EVER.

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